"Rooted in baptismal waters, Christus Rex is a
cross-centered community named by a servant King."

Mission Statement

So - tell us about Christus Rex! It is a familiar request offered in the meeting and greeting phase of relationships in this place. How can we tell the story of Christus Rex in a concise, engaging, and invitational way? See we at Christus Rex are a people of promise, purpose, and hope.

We live in God's promise, Christ's purpose, the Spirit's hope. We celebrate Word and Sacrament in Baptism and Communion, a place to hear God's promise.

We are called to be people of justice and peace, servicing our global neighbors, living in Christ's purpose in our world.

We are a community of hope, led by the Spirit, believing that in promise, purpose, and hope God is making all things new in our world and in our midst.

Lutheran Campus Ministry • 3012 University Ave • Grand Forks, ND 58203 • 701-775-5581 • und.christusrex@und.com

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